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8 Important Metrics Help You Improve SEO Rankings

Wondering what went wrong with your SEO efforts? You may have worked enough to bring traffic to your website, but the result won’t be satisfying. Making your SEO efforts productive and effective needs a strategy that includes the assessment of several metrics. These metrics prove to be essential for the success of your SEO efforts, let’s have a look Read more about 8 Important Metrics Help You Improve SEO Rankings[…]

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5 Time Tracking Tools to Improve Your Productivity

Do you use time tracking tools to improve employee productivity??? Time tracking tools help you to improve your productivity, avoid waste of company time for personal reasons, help in employees planning and allocation, track project progress, manage client billing and more. These tools are used by large companies, small and medium businesses, startups, and even freelancers. In this Read more about 5 Time Tracking Tools to Improve Your Productivity[…]

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How Google Ads calculate Ad Rank

Google AdWords is an extremely efficient and profitable system. It helps businesses control how often they show their ads and how much money they are making from them. AdWords is driven by an auction bidding market. Let’s break down these two keywords: auction and bidding. In this auction, advertisers compete to show their ads to prospective users. AdWords Read more about How Google Ads calculate Ad Rank[…]

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7 Facebook Retargeting Tactics You Must Try

Retargeting on Facebook is a super-powerful way to turn your site visitors into converted users who sign up, subscribe, download an ebook, make a purchase, or whatever it is you are trying to achieve with your website and marketing efforts. Retargeting in general is so useful because returning visitors show a greater interest in your product Read more about 7 Facebook Retargeting Tactics You Must Try[…]