7 social Media Monitoring Tools to Check Out in 2019

7 social media monitoring tools to check out in 2019The beginning of a new year is as good a reason as any other to try something new: a different lifestyle, a new hobby, a brand new marketing strategy.

And, of course, a new tool, since it’s both exciting and rewarding to discover awesome software that helps you deal with work and, sometimes, with life as well.

This is a list of social media monitoring/listening tools you should check out next year.

Some of them have existed for a while, some are new and fresh on the market.

But all of them are worth trying out and using in your marketing toolset (if social monitoring is in your marketing strategy at all, as it should be). So let’s start:

Which social media monitoring tools should you check out this year?

1. Awario

awario dashboard, a social media monitoring tool

Awario collects mentions of your keywords from a large range of sources (that keeps getting larger).

It monitors all major social media platforms, Reddit and other forums, news sites and blogs, and the Web.

It works in real-time: whenever your keyword is mentioned, it will immediately appear in your mention feed, and you’ll be able to check it at any point and reply to the mention straight from the dashboard. All reviews, complaints, questions, and comments can be dealt with as quickly as you like.

Awario also does its fair deal of analysis. It analyses the growth of mentions, their Reach (how many people do mentions reach), its sentiment (a percentage of positive, negative, and neutral mentions), mentions’ locations, languages, and sources.

You can also generate reports on mentions’ statistics, compare analytics with your competitors, and see your industry influencers.

One of the features that make Awario stand out is Awario Leads – a recent addition made specifically for finding hot leads online. It brings surprisingly good results and can properly transform the way you sell!

Price: Starts at $29/mo. You can also sign up for a free 14-day trial.

2. Mention

mention dashboard, a social media monitoring tool

Mention is one of the oldest and tried out social media monitoring tools. The French company had the time to mature, discover what the users need, and make sure it delivers the best possible results.

Its main goal is real-time search: you get the results from the past 24 hours after setting up an alert. Historical data is only available on request.

Mention is a good choice for large companies: it monitors all main sources, lets you tag and organizes mentions, build your own custom reports and export them in PDF and CSV.

There’s even an automated reports feature: they update you on what’s happening with your alerts on a regular basis. The tool also finds influencers in your industry, reveals their interests, locations, and follower count, and makes it easy to jump into influencer marketing.

Mention is integrated with Slack and Zapier which makes marketing workflow smooth and simple.

Price: Starts at $29/mo. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial.

3. Brand24

brand24, a social media monitoring tool

Brand24 is a solid social media monitoring tool for small and medium-sized businesses.

It has existed for a while on the Polish market, but focused on the English-speaking part of the world fairly recently. It monitors Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, the web and saves historical data for up to 12 months.

Similarly to Awario and Mention, Brand24 filters by countries and languages provides mentions’ statistics, and Influencer reports. However, reports aren’t white-label and data export is only allowed in the Premium plan.

Brand24 allows multi-user access for up to 99 users, which is great for large social media marketing teams.

Moreover, they have Slack integration and a mobile app, making social media monitoring a process that anyone from the team can do at any point of their day.

Price: Starts at $49/mo. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial.

4. TweetDeck

tweetdeck dashboard, a social media monitoring tool

TweetDeck isn’t quite on the same level as the tools mentioned before, as it only just monitors Twitter.

But that’s fair since it’s a tool By Twitter for Twitter. The tool doesn’t stop at monitoring: you can also schedule posts for Twitter and look at Twitter analytics.

Basically, it’s a handy tool if Twitter is your preferred marketing channel and the one you want to keep an eye on. After all, it often makes sense: most social media crises happen there, and most brands interact with customers on exactly this social media platform. Continue Reading…


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