Social Media and Conversion: How to Get New Leads Without a Hustle

smachtgnlwahBeing a salesperson is a form of art. Many business leaders consider that realizing products and putting yourself on the map is enough, but that is where your job actually begins. It goes without saying that your offer needs to be high quality and that you need to satisfy the market demand, but that’s exactly what your competition provides as well.

So, how to make yourself stand out and how to make your leads select your brand instead of your competitor? The answer here is rather simple – you need to completely immerse yourself in what you do. If your target audience notices that you’re passionate about what you do, they will reflect on your behavior and become fond of your brand.

Therefore, you need to become an artist. In ages long ago, when there was no internet, salespeople knew their craft, and they were aware of the fact how important being subtle really is. The same goes for social media – you need to learn how to approach your target audience without forcing them to make a purchase.

Be Active and Responsive

For you to be able to leave this impression, it’s first necessary to take good care of your brand on social media. These platforms show much more than you think; everything your leads want to find out is there – and they won’t need longer than a minute to do so.

So, the first thing you need to do in order to attract your leads is being active. Brands which post regularly are considered to be legit. Business pages on Facebook are numerous; most of them think that sharing a post every now and then is enough. Admins of those pages also consider that one quality post will gather enough attention in the form of likes, shares, hearts, retweets, etc. It’s actually the opposite.

If you’d do some research about brands which are now titans in their fields, you would find out that they invested serious work into their social profiles, and that implies a lot of diverse content. So, don’t expect to become popular overnight.

Secondly, you need to attend to your followers. There’s really no point in having accounts on social media if you take days to respond to a message or a comment because this is exactly what will drive people away from your brand. Therefore, if you want to launch your brand on social platforms, make sure that you have enough manpower to handle incoming traffic.

Build Content That Goes with the Platform

Although, you should be aware of the fact that there’s a difference between handling your social media accounts fast and handling them properly. Neither of these two is difficult – if you really want your audience to respond, you should learn about different social platforms so that you can use them properly.

You also need to understand that your knowledge about social media from the private angle won’t do here – handling a personal profile differs from handling a business page. However, although there’s a difference, it’s not difficult to comprehend.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to change your tone – you should address your audience in a friendly, talkative, welcoming manner. What needs to be different is your content.

For your accounts to be able to convert leads, you need to treat them differently – the same post won’t work on Facebook and Instagram. At the present time, Facebook is all about videos, while Instagram users don’t really have enough patience to sit through a long footage – they are in need of content that transfers information fast, much like people on Snapchat.

However, you’re still able to send the same message and thus popularize your brand on different platforms – you just need to adjust it additionally and fashion it in accordance with current trends on certain platforms.

Your Content Shouldn’t Be Link-Related Only

Now we need to transfer the spotlight to diversity. With so many advertisements and commercials online, users are getting quite tired of being forced to buy stuff. Put yourself in their shoes – chances are you wouldn’t buy something just because a salesperson is making you do so. Right, on the contrary, you would be repulsed by that approach.

The art of sales comes into play here; your job is to explain to your audience why they are in need and why they actually want your products. So, instead of realizing a post that contains links to your new line of products, you should post guides, tutorials, or recipes that contain it.

It’s simple really – a person who sees a photo of a delicious pizza and a bottle of Coca-Cola next to it will crave for both, not just one of those items. Therefore, your goal here is to make a brand culture, much like Coca-Cola did.

Did you know that the brand is responsible for the current appearance of Santa Clause? Before they created Santa in red as we all know and love him right now, he was wearing a green outfit. Right now, he and the Coca-Cola label are quite a match.

The truth is that Coca-Cola and your company don’t really have the same advertising funds, but shouldn’t use that as an excuse. When you make advertising strategies, you should have the bigger picture in mind and make long-term plans.

Keep Track of Your Posts

Creating and publishing a social media campaign is one thing, but you should also understand that you need to become aware of your mistakes. Naturally, before releasing advertising content, you should be able to predict how your audience will respond to it – new brands need to be very careful about their reputation because social media can be merciless. You don’t want to be one of those businesses who became popular because of a cardinal mistake in their marketing.

Although the chances for this are minimal, you should still have this option in mind and especially so if your campaign is based on controversy. So, make sure that you keep a close eye on how your ads are being received.

That is one aspect – the other one involves analytics. Social platforms contain various tools for analysis that will provide you with precise information regarding your posts. These instruments will show you which type of content your audience appreciates and which posts are being completely ignored.

Possessing this knowledge will enable you to direct your future strategies your way – statistics will show you what your target audience likes. Read More…..


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